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  • HALVES the working time of the dough compared to a traditional kneader with fork, spiral or double arms;
  • preserves the temperature of the dough unaltered by using the innovative hook tool that reproduces the movement of the hands;
  • IS EASYLY WASHABLE thanks to the removable arm cleaning system;

Casing coated with scratchproof paint: bowl, tool and grilled lid in stainless steel AISI 304.

“BERTA” is available in 7-15-25 and 35 kg versions.
The BERTA kneader patented by Fimar is a MADE IN ITALY device!



How does the new “BERTA” kneader work?

“BERTA” is the kneader designed by Fimar with an innovative hook. Our engineers and technicians have designed and developed a system that allows only the bowl to rotate, while the tool remains stationary.It is a simple and revolutionary machine at the same time, equipped with a sturdy and reliable casing coated with scratchproof paint, bowl, tool and grilled lid in stainless steel AISI 304.

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Why is “BERTA” an innovative kneader?

“BERTA” is the innovative kneader, because:

  • it halves the working time of the dough compared to a kneading machine with double arms, spiral or a planetary mixer.
  • it is innovative because its special tool performs a kneading movement that replicates the hand’s palm.
    Just like the “handmade” processing, this movement does not alter the temperature of the dough, thereby making it homogeneous and in some processing, ready to use. A smooth and homogeneous dough in a short time and without alternating the temperature! In addition to halving the working time of the dough, it is also possible to reduce the time required for the dough to rise.
    The kneading movement prevents friction and prevents the mixture from heating, with the result that the fats contained in the dough, such as oil or lard, do not heat up and start the leavening process.
    All you have to do is weigh and prepare all the ingredients, place them into the bowl and save time, allowing you to schedule your day’s work in the kitchen.
  • The special tool can be completely removed, allowing an easy removal of the dough and a perfect cleaning.



Does “BERTA” allow easy, fast and accurate washing?

Absolutely! “BERTA” is completely washable.
The tool of the “BERTA” kneader can be completely removed.
In a few seconds and without using any tool, you can unhook the tool and wash it in the dishwasher, also allowing a thorough cleaning of the bowl.
Thanks to this unique feature, preparing mixtures for celiacs in complete security becomes possible.
The complete removal of the tool makes it possible to perform a first proofing in the bowl, reducing and simplifying processing times.

How should I use Berta?

To make the most of all the functions of this innovative kneading machine patented by Fimar, it is necessary to weigh and insert all the ingredients into the bowl at the same time in order to create a homogeneous and smooth mixture right from the start.
If necessary, the dough can be “adjusted” by adding additional solids during processing; while due to the particular shape of the tool, adding liquids is not advisable. This makes the preparation of even the most complex jobs much faster than with a normal kneading machine.


For what kind of dough is “BERTA” recommended?

“BERTA” is recommended for all doughs that need to be leavened, such as bread, pizza, baked pizza, pan pizza, breadsticks, flat bread, Arabic bread, piadina, crackers and much more. The kneader is conceived for all those mixtures that do not need to form the gluten network. This device does not stimulate gluten in such a way as to form the gluten network; the special rotation of the bowl and the specific tool allow fat mixtures to be kneaded gently, like for example all those mixtures rich in oil or lard. The more the dough is greasy, the more the fat is absorbed into it without “exuding” – it penetrates into the dough.

For which gastronomic activity is “BERTA” recommended?

The “BERTA ” kneader is recommended for all catering activities related to the bakery production. Pizzerias, bakeries, piadinerias but also restaurants willing to provide an always fresh and refined product.


Can I switch from the spiral kneader to the “BERTA” kneader?

Once again, our answer, on some processes, is positive! “BERTA” is the best choice for all those doughs with low hydration such as pizza, bread, breadsticks, crackers, taralli or refreshments of sourdough. It is particularly suitable for piadinerias, bakeries and pizzerias. For all types of dough with high hydration needs, you can choose among our full range of Fimar spiral kneaders.

Can I switch from the planetary mixer to the “BERTA” kneader?

The planetary mixer is still suitable for all those kinds of beaten mixtures, soft or semi-soft, while the BERTA kneader is recommended for hard or semi-hard mixtures. Fimar has a wide range of products to meet all your needs, download our catalogue or ask for more information.

Can I mix egg dough using BERTA?

In terms of the preparation of egg pasta, the traditional Italian pasta, of course, yes.

Can I use any kind of flour?

The “BERTA” kneader can be used with any type of flour: wholemeal, semi-integral, semolina, rice and anything else.
The use of different types of flour does not change the consistency of the mixture as the compression movement consists of the friction created between the mixture and the bowl.



Which sizes is the ‘BERTA’ kneader available in?

Fimar offers a wide range of bowl sizes starting from 7-15-25 to 35 kg.
A 7 kg bowl has a capacity of about 10 L and a minimum and maximum capacity of 1.2 /3.5 kg of flour;
a 15 kg bowl has a capacity of about 20 L and a minimum and maximum capacity of dough of about 2 / 7.5 kg of flour;
a 25 kg bowl has a capacity of about 32 L and a minimum and maximum capacity of dough of about 3.5 / 12.5 kg of flour;
a 35 kg bowl has a capacity of about 42 L and a minimum and maximum capacity of dough of about 5 / 18 kg of flour.

Can I have “BERTA” with both single-phase and three-phase voltage?

All BERTA models are equipped with single-phase and three-phase operation.

Which are the available accessories?

All models can be equipped with a special voltage, wheels and a mechanical timer. The price of the model BERTA 7 on the three-phase version includes a second power, for all other models it is available as an additional option.

OUR top 10 of reasons why you should CHOOSE THE NEW “BERTA” Kneaders PATENTED BY FIMAR!

  1. Mixing and finishing speed – Time and money saving – better work schedule – better results.
  2. Once the ingredients have been weighed and placed together into the bowl, YOU can prepare other products – processing and work scheduling speed. 
  3. Easy dough extraction thanks to the completely removable tool – EASE OF USE
  4. Ease of cleaning – PERFECT HYGIENE AND the possibility to process GLUTEN FREE dough
  5. Non-tenderised doughs but fresh and well stimulated ones – NO PROOFING NEEDED 
  6. Easy to make a dough from soft to hard – can process all kinds of flours with no effort
  7. The dough can be left in the bowl removing the arm – leavening in the bowl – not only time but also space saving
  8. Can Process large amounts of dough with no outflow – Work Cleanliness
  9. Perfect for particularly hard and oily doughs – unaltered consistency of the dough ideal for PIZZA, BREAD, breadsticks, PIADA and CRACKER
  10. Made in Italy – an italian product, patented by a reliable and stable company on the international market since more than 40 years!